We are an accredited immigration law firm which provides immigration advice and services.

We offer a vast range of UK immigration services with a focus on British citizenship, settlement, employment-related immigration categories including Tier 2, Tier 1 (Entrepreneur / Investor) visas, visit visas, UK partner visa applications for spouse / unmarried partner / fiancé / civil partner visa categories, EEA family permit etc.

The complexity of immigration law has made it even more important for individuals to seek professional help when making an application. Jackson LJ stated in Sapkota v Secretary of State for the Home Department (2011), Court of Appeal, that, "immigration law has now become an impenetrable jungle of intertwined statutory provisions and judicial decision”. We have necessary expertise and knowledge to help you with your immigration matter.

ARK Law provides "Same day appointments" for same day visa in person applicaiton on request. These appointments are limited so we encourage you to instruct us at the earliest to represent you in your matter.

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