Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

Amit Kapadia is the Principal Consultant and is accredited by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Amit previously worked with Solicitors and Barristers, practicing in immigration, asylum, human rights, criminal and public law matters. Amit was involved with two successful high court Judicial Reviews - HSMP Forum Limited v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2008] & [2009]. He holds a Master of Laws in Professional Legal Practice (with an overall commendation) from City Law School, City University London.

Amit has experience of more than six years in immigration related campaigning work which he does to support and assist immigrants through not for profit organisations. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Strathclyde University, UK and has vast experience in marketing and IT field. He decided to pursue law because of his admiration for the profession and passion towards helping people.

What is our Mission?

We understand the opportunities offered by the United Kingdom to its people and the diversity of its citizens is its strength. Our mission, at ARK Law is to:

Be an outstanding immigration advisory firm for our clients and excel in all aspects of the service that we provide to our clients.
Ensure we maintain the utmost respect and adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings with our clients and third parties.
Contribute to our community by working with local organizations and individuals and help those in need of legal services, as well as, educating the community in the nuances of the immigration processes and regulations. 

Are there any testimonials / feedback ?

"We have availed the services of Mr Kapadia, ARK Law Ltd for sponsoring a parent in the category of Adult Dependant Relative visa. We strongly recommend their services, which we felt were professional, friendly and prompt." - Mrs Malar Chandran